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Northern Viking Jewelry® Wolfhead Kingchain

Northern Viking Jewelry® Wolfhead Kingchain

Normaalihinta €59,90 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €59,90 EUR
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Northern Viking Jewelry® Wolfhead Kingchain"

Fenrir (Wolf):
It is said that a giant wolf lives in these woods. The warrior knows this but continues on his journey to the medicine woman, who is known to live on the edge of the swamp. The warrior is guided by a black raven, but hindered by a leg wound sustained in battle. He is carrying a dead man’s weight in goods: silk, spices, millstones and walnut shells. When the warrior arrives at the medicine woman’s hut, he spreads the goods out on the table. The woman’s dark eyes flash in the candlelight. She notices a piece of jewelry hanging on the man’s chest. “I will cure your ills, but the price is this item.” The warrior takes it off and hands it to the woman. Pleased, she caresses the pendant: “Fenrir. It is said to be shackled in these woods. Even the gods are afraid of it, and with good cause. Let us ask someone such as the one-handed Tyr! This jewelry is powerful, since the power of Fenrir is bound to it.”

- Northern Viking Jewelry® Gift Pouch

Stainless Steel Kingchain:
- Lenght: 60 cm
- Width: 0,5 cm
- Weight: 96 g (60 cm)
- Pendant Ring Diameter: 3 cm
- Material: Stainless Steel

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