Services and pricing

We provide from logo design to full length film productions.
In addition to common agency services we have your album cover painted and your music video shot. 

- Creative arts include freehand artwork by various methods and photography.
- Corporate arts consists of package design, pagination, business cards, web lay-outs, car and display decal, SEO and variety of ad campaigns.
- Cinematic arts consists of filming, editing & final production.

In order to provide as much transparency as possible, preliminary list prices per person assigned for a AD-agency project are as follow:

Minimum fee starting from 150€ (1-3 hrs)

- 1 full day of work (8 h) 299€
- 3 full work days 849€
- 1 week 1449€

(VAT, material & travel expenses etc not included. All assignments are evaluated in detail with client beforehand. The prices here are presented for illustrative purposes only and do not bind or obligate us or our associates in any way.)

Marketing material printing, installations & various decal works:

Vehicles, windows & billboards, all begin with 50€ /h. Some examples: