Hyperborean Designs - The AD works

"So you are interested in our crafts and solutions?"

HBD is a Finland based contractor for designs and crafts of various kind.
Rather a conglomeration of independent adepts than your usual run-of-the-mill AD agency.
Your case gets you just the right guy for the job.

Our clients cover vast range of variety from all walks of life and business but
consultancy and aide for those in genuine need is where our hearts are at

- We deliver resolutions also for projects that you don't go to your next door agency for.

- We do not bow down to consensus or conformity nor do we wear vintage
glasses, turtlenecks or "hip" berets as seems to be the default of today.

- What we do is we take care of business, Northern style.

Come boldly forth with your need, brief and proposal (Link to Contact Form):

Some Q&A here